22 / New Year, New Fur

Looking back on 2022, and looking forward to the new year with a brand new look, and scoops more.

22 / New Year, New Fur
The new Bulldog called Luna logo

Happy New Year and welcome to issue #22

2022 has been a year like no other, from global conflict to scarily out-of-control inflation. It's a year we won't forget. But as we reflect, it's important to recognise the positives - no matter how small they may be - and congratulate yourselves on your journey to being an awesome dog dad.

I'm grateful to every one of you for your readership throughout the year. And, I am excited to see what 2023 delivers.

Starting with a brand new look, I decided to create a new logo because, why not? Let me know what you think, it really resonates with me for obvious reasons.

I'll keep the rest of the newsletter short and sweet.

Things you might like 🔗

National Institute of Health is researching canines to learn about ourselves

The National Institue of Health is studying our best friends to learn more about humans.

"It turns out humans and dogs are remarkably similar genetically"

Husky plays football with a Bulldog

This hilarious video made me chuckle, watch as a Husky decides to toss a Bulldog over like a football. Maybe it has World Cup fever.

Tweets 🐦

So many bad tweets. This is one of the good ones.

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