01: A New Breed of Email

In this week’s issue of Sunday Scoop: The very first issue, defining a dog dad, resources and a lot more.

You are reading Sunday Scoop the weekly digest where I send practical life advice, one pawsome quote, and one carefully created recommendation or link.

Your new internet writing dog dad Lee Parker here with the very first edition of the Sunday Scoop weekly email. How are you doing?

From this week on, I'll be sending practical life advice for dog dads, one pawsome quote, and one carefully curated recommendation or link.

I hope your week was great because this past week mine has been tough. A good kind of tough though.

I officially launched furrimals.com 🎉

That's right, on Tuesday I opened the doors to the public and have not looked back since. I really hope you're liking what you see.

Luna has been such a great motivation for me too, she's constantly watching me type away. And she knows when I need to take a break because she subtly rests her face on my keyboard 😅 either that or she wants some attention, so I give her what she wants naturally.

My lesson for this week is, no matter how busy your week might be, remember to give your dog your time and attention - they're always ready to give it to you.


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Furrimals - Resources - This is my very own resources page where you can find an always up to date list of my favourite gear and tools. As of writing, you'll find my favourite dog stuff, tech, apps, books and referral codes.

Quote of the week 💬

Each issue I collect and share the best quote I find on the web. Find something useful? Subscribe

Dog Dad [dawg dad] noun.
Someone who identifies as male and works exceptionally hard so that his dog can live their best life. Professional nose booper, ear scratcher, belly tickler. The best walking companion and professional scooper. Someone who provides the best snacks and total unconditional love. Like a regular dad, but much cooler.

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