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Here are some of our favourite products, tools and resources we at LTB use to be awesome dog dads, create awesome content and grow the business.

This page is divided into sections:

  1. Dog Resources
  2. Tech resources
  3. Apps
  4. Books
  5. Referral codes

Everything listed on this page is an integral part of our operation here at LTB HQ.

Dog Resources

Here are some articles that we recommend browsing at any stage of your dog parenthood.

Omlet’s Topology Luxury Dog Bed (Review) – An excellent dog bed for all breeds.

Best Tear Stain Remover for English Bulldogs – A great tear stain remover for those pesky wrinkles.

What Are the 7 Basic Dog Commands? – Learn the 7 basic dog commands and strengthen the bond with your pup.

Dog Products

Here are some products that we recommend.

Pet Corrector Spray

Sometimes I need help discouraging bad behaviour - Bulldogs can be incredibly stubborn. This harmless 'hiss' sound is enough to stop Luna from digging up plants in the garden.

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74% Organic Beef - Dehydrated Raw Dog Food 

Where possible I'm trying to feed Luna healthier. I came across Rocketo who found a genius way to create a raw food that doesn't take up tons of freezer space. Plus Luna absolutely loves this stuff, her skin and fur are so shiny as a result too.

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Organic Vegan Treats

I must admit, I was sceptical about this at first - but I really shouldn't have been. Luna absolutely loves these, they're super healthy and make her skin silky smooth plus they're sustainable.

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Whole Fishy Comets

There's something really fishy about this particular treat - literally. These dehydrated fishy comets are great at supplying Luna with the Omega 3 nutrients she needs, in a form that's quick and easy to consume. None of those oil supplements you need to add to meals.

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Nylabone Extreme Tough Dog Chew Toy

Bulldogs are notorious chewers, they can literally go for hours without getting bored. I opt for this chew toy rather than my socks.

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Beco Strong & Large Poop Bags

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Dog Training Doorbells

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iPhone – There is never a dull moment owning a dog, so to ensure I'm always ready to snap a good photo or funny video, my daily go-to is my iPhone 13 Pro Max. The slow-mo feature has to be the best invention ever, it's brilliant at capturing action shots of the doggo running or doing something silly.

AirPods Pro – is one of my favourite Apple products. Not only are they super portable (there are no cables to carry) but they seamlessly connect with the tools I'm using be that my iPhone or my Macbook or even my Apple Tv (yes I'm definitely part of the Apple ecosystem) it's totally frictionless. Plus, Apple keeps adding firmware updates to the earphones adding cool technology like Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos.

Logitech MX Keyboard for Mac – Writing both at work and for Bulldog called Luna can take time. If I'm not using my phone to jot quick notes, my next go-to is my Macbook - but I don't use the Macbook's keyboard, oh no, I wirelessly connect using the Logitech MX Keyboard for Mac. It levels up the writing experience like no other keyboard (sounds weird to say that).

Logitech MX 3 for Mac – In keeping with wirelessly connecting tools to my Macbook, I just had to pair the MX Keyboard with the Logitech MX 3 for Mac - the mouse. It's full of programmable buttons that can be customised depending on the software you're using on the computer. Take, for instance, Google Chrome, I can easily switch through tabs by tapping a button on the mouse, not the actual browser. Game changer.

Huawei Mateview – I now work from home for about 80% of a typical working week – to get the best out of my productivity and output I took the plunge and invested in the Huawei Mateview. I admit, it's a bit pricey, but it's so worth it. Unlike traditional external monitors, it's shaped like a square giving more vertical screen estate to play with, which is awesome for viewing large word documents or spreadsheets.

Apps 📱

Here are some apps.

The Vet - A friendly virtual vet for dog care advice. Read the announcement.

Medium – Bulldog called Luna lives on Medium too. Medium is an amazing place to find and read other independent publishers across a variety of topics. Go check it out.

Canva – is essentially Adobe Photoshop but for everyone. It's so simple to use, that you can easily create graphics, presentations, and t-shirt designs using just a drag and drop interface. It cleverly works out all the ideal dimensions based on the criteria you set, plus if you sign up to Canva Pro (which I do) you also get access to the really smart background remover, the ability to download images with a transparent background and so much more.

Books 📚

Here are some books.

Lucky Dog Lessons: Train Your Dog in 7 Days - Brandon McMillan's book is great for any new dog dad, especially if you need to know how to train a bulldog quickly. I've had great success with the tips laid out in his book, I even wrote an article on the 7 basic dog commands.

Referral Codes 🎟

Here are some referral codes we recommend taking full advantage of.

OmletGet 5% off when joining the newsletter

Rocketo – Get 20% off one-time purchase orders at Rocketo.

Waggel – Get a free month of pet insurance at Waggel.