10: Please Don't Pet my Dog

In this week's issue: don't pet my dog, Stranger Things playtime, Steve Carell loves puppies and scoops more.

10: Please Don't Pet my Dog
Photo by author / Bulldog called Luna

Call me old fashioned or a nervous nelly but with the sudden increase of Covid-19 in the UK, now i'm creating a bigger distance to others when I take Luna for walks.

Although, no matter how big the distance I make about 90% of all encounters end up with Luna being stroked. I really don't blame the other person, as dog people we're naturally inclined to stroke other cute and friendly dogs. And Luna is really cute.

But, please, ask permission first.

In a post-pandemic world most people are naturally more concerned about Covid-19. If someone does stroke Luna I give her a quick dry shampoo at home and I put it behind me - but for others it might not be that easy.

Also, the dog you're about to stroke could be aggressive and, you may end up with a nasty nip or your own dog may end up in the middle and getting hurt. And, unfortunately it would be entirely your fault.

That's all for this week, folks.

See you next week!

– Lee

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Steve Carrell Plays With Puppies

To celebrate Carell's new movie 'Rise of Gru', Steve interviews for Buzzfeed while playing with puppies. Because, why not?!

Stranger Things Dog Toys

If you're obsessed with Stranger Things, then you'll love these Stranger Things themed toys from Bark. There are plushies of Eleven the superhero, a demodog like Dart and the iconic '80s style baseball cap. It's just a shame Bark don't ship to UK, if you're in the US and reading this, you're in luck.

PS Hope you're reading this Bark, bring your products to the UK please.

Is this the World's Ugliest Dog?

A dog given just a few weeks to live was adopted in August 2021, and this Friday was named the world's ugliest dog at the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds and Event Center in Petaluma, California.

"I believe that this humble soul is also being an example, in subtle ways, to help humans realize that even old dogs need love and a family too"

New Alexa Feature to Mimic Anyone's Voice

Amazon has revealed that its working on a new Alex feature that can mimic anyone's voice. Imagine this “Alexa, can Grandma finish reading me The Wizard of Oz?”. I'm not sure how I would feel about it, but how cool would it be to keep your doggo's bark forever?

“Anybody who doesn't know what soap tastes like never washed a dog" – Franklin P. Jones

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