07: Water Fun

In this week’s issue: keeping dogs hydrated outside, expensive dog breeds, why dogs are friendly and scoops more.

07: Water Fun
Luna, an english bulldog playing with a step on water fountain / Photo by author

Can you believe it's June already? The year is flying by. No matter, here I am with another issue of the Sunday Scoop newsletter.

Barbeque season is upon us, which means lots of sun, yummy food and good times with friends, family and dogs.

As I type this update, I'm sitting in my garden balancing my laptop on a wonky table, while inside an IKEA Kallax box to reduce the sun glare. It's working, and i'm pretty pleased.

I'll migrate to the garden for my 9 to 5 if this works well.

As the days get warmer, it's really important to keep an eye on your dog's health. While we might love the vitamin D, too much sun can be fatal for our pups.

To keep Luna hydrated and entertained I bought her a step-on dog water fountain. Needless to say at first she wasn't a big fan, running away as I showed her how it works.

An hour later... and she's drinking from the fountain like a pro. I consider this a resounding success.

Luna (English Bulldog) drinking from step-on water fountain - Sunday scoop
Luna (English Bulldog) drinking from step-on water fountain

That's all for this week, folks.

See you next week!

– Lee

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Most expensive dog breeds to own in 2022 revealed

It's no surprise that the Bulldog is listed as the most expensive breed in this news article. This is well worth a read if you're looking to buy or adopt a new dog, I did not expect the breed in the number 3 spot.

Dogs have two gene mutations that explain why they are friendly

This amazing scientific study explores the reasons why humans and dogs co-exist so well together. Hinting at whether Humans could co-exist with other animals 👀

"Overall, owning a pet can be very expensive, therefore it’s imperative that we keep in mind all potential costs before owning one of our own." – Ed Fleming, Managing Director at Savoo

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