06: Jubilee Jollies

In this week’s issue: dogs need jollies too, quintessentially British dog stuff, and scoops more.

Disclaimer: I make no apologies for the royal references in this week's newsletter.

I mean... HRH Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 70-year reign in the United Kingdom and the Common Wealth.

That's a huge deal.

I'm certainly not going to witness another monarch reach this milestone in my lifetime.

And to celebrate, us folk living in the UK have been able to celebrate it with her too! We've had an extra bank holiday, which meant one big long weekend of jubilee jollies.

My street hosted one of the jubilee road parties today and thankfully the weather behaved itself.

Luna and I were able to socialise and meet other doggos who call our street their home. I haven't seen such enjoyment in Luna's eyes for a while, so this felt really good.

Socialising your dog is an crucial part of puppyhood, say the experts. I couldn't agree more.

When dogs socialise at an early stage, a couple things happen:

  • Your dog is accustomed to others, which means less chance of developing aggressive behaviours because they know other dogs aren't a threat
  • Your dog experiences the world beyond you and their home, smelling many things, including sniffing butts

So next time you're out walking your dog, let them have their moment, let them socialise with passing dogs, sniff but time is their addiction.

That's all for this week, folks.

See you next week!

– Lee

Queen's Platinum Jubilee Dog Products

There's nothing that says quintessentially British other than a Bulldog wearing the Union Jack flag. That's why I love Lords and Labradors Jubilee themed dog products not just because they look awesome, but they're using a Bulldog as one of the models. They know how to spot talent.

"We all need to get the balance right between action and reflection. With so many distractions it is easy to forget to pause and take stock." – Queen Elizabeth II


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