03: Unsung Furry Heros

In this week’s issue: How your dog is an unsung furry hero, practising what I preach, and heaps more.

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In keeping with last week's email on how important it is to keep your mind on top form, for Mental Health Awareness week I've been practising what I preach by spending even more quality time with Luna.

I've been waking up extra early to walk Luna, which has given me extra time later in the day to play and snuggle up. She loves it, and I feel better too.

It's amazing how much power our furry pals have in making a positive effect on our mental health.

In fact, the folks over at Omlet recently surveyed their Instagram community about their experience of owning pets and the effect on their mental health. Here are the headlines:

  • 96% said their pet had a positive effect on their mental health
  • 80% said their pet reduces their stress levels
  • 74% said their pet provides them with companionship

Read the full story: The power of pets

So next time you're not feeling your best, spend some quality time with your pup.

Have a great week!

– Lee

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"For a moment they forget everything else and just relax and laugh" – Omlet


Luna is on TikTok! Watch her very first video @bulldogcalledluna


Hi, I’m Luna and this is my first night time walk 💛#dog #dogsofttiktok #dogsvideo #cutedog #funny #bulldog #bulldogsoftiktok

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