02: Burnout vs Chill

In this week’s issue: How your dog is the best medicine, dog parent types, it's about learning on the job and a lot more.

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I want to talk to you this week about feeling exhausted, dealing with stressful situations, or having a highly anxious state of mind, aka burning out.

Since launching furrimals.com, I've had tons of ideas for new content and I've been busy most evenings creating what I call my content prep. That coupled with a busy week commuting to and from London, there were times when I felt like I just needed to chill 🥶, put my feet up and relax.

Looking back, it was ironic for me to say that because I knew I needed to be a dog dad too, which meant attending to Luna, walking her, feeding her, and finding time to play.

I'm really conscious that I don't make her feel neglected. I mention in my latest article the importance of needing time.

Here's the brilliant thing – when it was time to do all those things, the imaginary burnout-o-metre I had visualised in my mind, plunged like a lead balloon.


I came to realise that chilling with my dog was just what I needed, it didn't feel like another chore, it didn't feel like a checkbox on a to-do list, it just felt like bliss.

All the worries of the week had vanished before me.

Dogs are incredibly smart animals, they can sense your emotions when you're feeling under pressure and they're smart enough to know when to give you more cuddles and warm vibes.

Take full advantage of this. It feels like it's often said "dogs are the best medicine for a healthy mind and state".

Dogs are the best medicine for a healthy mind and state

What about you? Can you relate to my story? If you can and you feel like your burnout-o-metre is rising, take a pause and just chill with your dog.

Have a great week!

– Lee

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I stumbled upon the Omlet brand recently as they have some really modern and appealing looking dog gear. This blog article made me chuckle, I hope it does for you too.

Quote of the week

Every issue I collect and share the best quote I find on my internet travels. Find something useful? Subscribe for free

"You’ve had to learn on the job, and sometimes it seems a bit overwhelming, but you know your dog loves you and that they are happy and healthy, and that’s a great feeling" – Omlet

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