7 Hilarious Signs You're a Dog Dad

These are so funny it hurts

7 Hilarious Signs You're a Dog Dad
hilarious signs you're a dog dad

Accepting you're a dog dad

As a dog dad myself, I've come to realise there are certain characteristics that set us apart from the standard dog owner or dog mum.

In this post, you’ll find 7 hilarious signs you're a dog dad, so if you're on the fence about calling yourself a dog dad – this is for you. So you can embrace it and own it.

As I was pulling together this list, unashamedly I was able to tick off each and every one. And if you're already calling yourself a dog dad, I'm sure you'll be able to check these off as well.

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1. You talk about your dog a lot

We all love to talk, it's what makes us human. We crave a good conversation, the gossip, and the chance to brag about something in our lives. Plus without interacting with other people we'll become reclusive and isolated.

For some people, being an introvert is exactly what they prefer, and that's okay. Although I guarantee that owning a dog changes that.

Not only do we talk to our dogs, as if they knew what we were saying (psst. I bet they do), but we also end up talking to everyone about our dogs too!

We bring them up in conversation even when it's not relevant, when the topic is sour, or the topic is random we find a way to wiggle them in. I'm a huge advocate of this though, after all, my dog is always by my side so why wouldn't I talk about her?

2. Your dog sleeps on your bed

When I grew up my parents always used to tell me "the dog goes on the street, they don't sleep on the bed...ever". And who am I to argue with my parents when I'm living in their house!

Now though, as I live an independent life this forbidden rule is not so forbidden anymore. When Luna was a puppy she used to sleep on my bed as much as she could (check the image below), how could I say no to that face?

Let me be clear, Luna doesn't sleep in my bed, but she does occasionally sleep on it. I do clean her paws every time she comes in from the street, so I know she's as clean as she can be, but there's still a line and that might be crossing it.

Ask me again in a couple of years 😅

This is Luna sitting on my bed - you're a dog dad - furrimals
This is Luna sitting on my bed

3. You have trouble understanding cat people

Not to say there is anything bad about cats, but as dog dads, we're all about our canine four-legged friend.

If we had the choice, we'd rather spend hours looking at dog memes or dog videos. It's just how our mind works.

4. You buy your dog awesome clothes

That really cool looking shirt or onesie is going to look amazing on your dog. You bet it is, if you're like me you've probably already spent some hard-earned cash on some dog designer gear. I don't blame you. They look cool and so do you. Own it.

This is Luna wearing a cool hat - you're a dog dad - furrimals
This is Luna wearing a cool hat

5. You sign cards with your dog's name

If you sign occasions cards with your dog's name, then you're a dog dad. Gone are the days when you sign birthday or Christmas cards with just your name. That's right they're now exclusively from yourself and your dog.

I hold my hand up and admit that Luna's name appeared all over Christmas cards instantaneously.


Happy Birthday

Love Lee & Luna

6. Your camera roll is full of dog photos/videos

If you're not looking at dog memes all day, then you're probably making your own instead, filling up your phone's camera roll in the process.

Are half the photos on your phone of your doggo? Or do you have a dedicated album just for him/her? If the answer is yes, then you're definitely a dog dad.

Here's a snippet from my album of Luna.

Luna filling up my camera roll - you're a dog dad - furrimals
Luna filling up my camera roll

7. Your dog has its own social media profile

This goes hand in hand with the previous point, if you have plenty of photos and videos of your dog, there's a high probability that your dog has its own social media account.

There's no reason why the world shouldn't know about your dog right? 😉 Your dog's followers should feel blessed.

I must admit, Luna had an Instagram profile for a while but I rarely posted on it. Despite taking But the fact she has one in the first place confirms my point here.

I recently created Luna a TikTok too, because why not. She'd love it if you checked her out:

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