19 / Slipping Into Negativity

In this issue #19 – How not to slip into negativity, Tesla dog mode, Petbots, dogs can smell stress on owners, and scoops more.

19 / Slipping Into Negativity
Loona / Jianbo / Kickstarter 

In a world where there is economic turmoil, skyrocketing inflation, currency fluctuations, and war – it can be really difficult to find the positives.

But as a dog dad, you have a secret weapon. This past month has been tough, but often the breakaway you need is staring right back at you - your dog.

If you ever feel yourself slipping into negativity, dedicate more time with your dog. Go for longer walks, spend longer playing, cuddle more on the sofa, try training new tricks. These small and seemingly insignificant changes make a massive difference.

Thats all for this month folks.

– Lee

Loona - An intelligent Petbot

If you've thought about getting a dog but don't want to fully commit - then you can get yourself a cyborg dog instead. It's almost the real deal, which is scary.

Simba Cam

At sports events across the world, fans gathered with pooch in hand to deliver the most epic simba cam. Not sure what simba cam is? Think Mufasa holding up Simba in Lion King (nust with dog instead).

Dog Owner Saves Her Dog From Falling to Its Death

Beware. Scenes may be distressing. This dog owner saves her dog from falling to its death and its caught on cam. What a moment.

Tesla Dog Mode

This incredible instagram reel shows how Tesla's dog mode keeps your dog cool in a locked car. We should all know how important it is to keep your car ventilated and cool while in the car. Tesla has recognised this and created something genius.

Dogs Can Sniff Out Stress on Owner's Breath

In more than 650 of 700 trials, scientists have discovered that dogs can smell stress on our breath and sweat. Dogs can already use their nose to sniff out drugs, explosives and illnesses but this study hopes to help in the training of therapy dogs.

“The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants – Johnny Depp"

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