12: Extreme Weather Warning 🥵

Issue #12 - UK's first ever extreme weather warning, dogs smell like fritos, bulldogs doing funny things and scoops more.

12: Extreme Weather Warning 🥵
Photo by Lee / Furrimals

This is yet another heatwave-themed newsletter. But for a good reason. The UK has predicted that temperatures tomorrow are going to top 40 degrees.

That's a new record for the UK!

Here's a non-exhaustive list of things to do to keep your dog safe, cool and comfortable in extreme weather which I've tried and tested with Luna:

  • DO close blinds and curtains
  • DO open windows and doors
  • DO keep water bowls topped up with fresh cold water
  • DO get dog ice lollies
  • DO grab wet towels and place them on top of your dog
  • DO explore fun methods of hydration like catching water from a hose pipe (check Luna doing this in the top photo)
  • DO get the dog pool out
  • DO ensure your dog keeps shaded when resting
  • NEVER leave a dog in the car alone in warm weather
  • NEVER leave a dog home alone unventilated

That's all for this week, folks.

See you next week!

– Lee

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