18 / Going Monthly

In this issue #18 – Furrimals newsletter is going monthly, Dolly Parton launches her own pet collection, cheeky golden retriever and scoops more.

18 / Going Monthly
Photo by Scouted/The Daily Beast/Doggy Parton.

The Furrimals newsletter is now monthly! While I've been on vacation I've come to a conclusion, that sending the newsletter monthly is going to be so much better for you and for me.

Furrimals is primarily a newsletter, but it's also a resource of articles and goodies. The latter has been neglected recently, so by making the newsletter monthly, I anticipate I'll have more time to create more content packed full of tips and advice so you can become a better dog dad.

I may change the frequency again in the future, it's all about learning.

Here's what each issue will cover:

  1. Actionable tips and practical advice. Articles I've created and personal experiences that you should read.
  2. Notable links. Curated resources like articles, products, and news.
  3. Tweets. Some tweets are terrible, I'll share the good ones.
  4. AOB. Literally, anything else I think is worth knowing about.

– Lee

Doggy Parton

Dolly Parton has launched her own pet collection called Doggy Parton. The drop is a collaboration between Parton and SportsPet Designs, and consists of Dolly-inspired dog costumes (including a blonde dog wig!)

Golden Retriever Prevents Owners From Leaving

This cheeky doggo prevents his owners from leaving the house by laying down behind the car. Jokes aside, dogs can get severe separation anxiety, this is perhaps how this dog exhibits his.

Robot Dog Learns to Walk

A group of researchers at the University of California Berkeley have trained a robot dog to walk in less than 20 minutes using AI.

“Dog is God spelled backward.” – Duane Chapman

Tweets 🐦

So many bad tweets. These are the good ones. Follow @furrimalsHQ on Twitter for extra content.

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