20 / Mischief Managed

In this issue #20 – Come to the bark side as it’s Howl-oween, Devilish Dogs, Canine Chiropractors, and scoops more.

20 / Mischief Managed
Photo by author / Bulldog called Luna

Can we agree that October has been tough... the days shorter, the UK's economy tanked, inflation is super high, and Twitter has a new owner!

Aside from this, October is one of the best times to be a dog dad. Why?

Halloween of course. The time when you get to put your best pal in costume to look bad ass! Not that you needed an excuse anyway.

Beware though, this season is also known for its loud bangs and flashing lights: fireworks. Although amazing to us, fireworks can make our furrimals turn white like a ghost. No pun intended.

Here's my top tips to keep your pup calm:

  1. Draw blinds or curtains
  2. Keep doors and windows closed
  3. Stay close to your pup, provide comfort if they get spooked
  4. Keep them entertained / or just let them sleep if thats what they want to do

See you next time.

– Lee

Devilish Doggos

The Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade in New York City has some impressively costumed pups this year. Here's 15 of the best. I wish we did similar events in the UK, maybe we do. Let me know in the comments.

Canine Chiropractor

As humans, if we have painful joints, we can visit a chiropractor to get our bones 'adjusted'. But have you ever wondered if our dogs have painful bones too? Well it turns out there are canine chiropractors out there! I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Tight Rope Canine

This might be one of the most talented dogs on earth, especially walking the tight rope. Luna and I are still working on 'rollover'.

Macaroni Anyone?

Cute Bulldog teeth + sound effects = everything you needed right now. Watch this Instagram reel and rejoice in the moment. You won't regret it.

Bulldozer Bulldog

Waaapa! The phrase bulldozer bulldog is thrown around quite a bit, and this Instagram reel probably explains why.

“Come to the bark side"

Tweets 🐦

So many bad tweets. These are the good ones. Follow @furrimalsHQ on Twitter for extra content.

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