23 / RaiBo Dog, What?

This issue features a robot dog that can sprint, AirTags that save the day, and AirTags do the opposite, and scoops more.

23 / RaiBo Dog, What?
Photo by KAIST

And just like that, January is over. Thank goodness! What a quote on quote "boring" month.

In this issue:

  • AirTags are amazing
  • AirTags are deadly
  • Robot Dogs can sprint

– Lee

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AirTag helps rescuers find lost dog

A dog called Seamus was miraculously rescued after being washed away in the California floodwaters.

As Seamus had an AirTag on his collar, rescuers were able to locate his owners, and his owners were able to track his location.

AirTag gets eaten by dog

AirTags are great at finding lost items, which is why many dog owners attach them to their dog's collars. But AirTags can be deadly, especially when ingested. One poor pup did just that. Gulp.

Dog owner Colin Mortimer told The Wall Street Journal that the AirTag on his dog Sophie's collar went missing. He tracked it with the Find My app and was able to get it to play a sound, with the beeping coming from the stomach of his other dog, Sassy.

RaiBo Dog

The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has announced the development of RaiBo, a robotic dog that can walk robustly with agility even in deformable terrain such as a sandy beach.

During the tests, RaiBo reached a speed of 3.03 m/s on a sandy beach where the robot’s feet were completely submerged in the sand.

Tweets 🐦

So many bad tweets. This is one of the good ones.

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