Is Your Home Bulldog-Proof? Find Out Now!

Discover secrets on how to bulldog-proof your home. From Luna's mischief to essential tips, ensure your home is ready for bulldog antics!

Is Your Home Bulldog-Proof? Find Out Now!
Photo by Logan Moreno Gutierrez / Unsplash
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Hey fellow Bulldog dads, it's Lee here, sharing some wisdom from the front lines of dog parenting. Owning a bulldog is an incredible experience filled with love, joy, and, yes, some challenges.

Luna, my lovable and sometimes mischievous female bulldog, has taught me so much about how to bulldog-proof your home. So grab your favorite beverage, and let's dive into it!

Understanding Your Bulldog's Unique Needs

Owning Luna was my first experience owning a dog (I don’t count the family dog as my own) and not just any dog, a bulldog, and boy, did I learn quickly about her unique needs.

Physical Attributes

Bulldogs are a special breed with specific physical characteristics. Luna's muscular build and short nose mean that she needs a cooler environment. I've found that a nice fan, especially during those hot summer days, keeps her comfortable.

If you can afford an air conditioner, this would be better generally as the temperature in the room is lowered. I am yet to invest, but will post an article when I do.

It means less bulldog snores as well – which is always a bonus.

Behavioural Traits

Ah, the chewing! Luna has a passion for chewing that I never expected. I'll tell you about my shoe tragedy later, but know that understanding this trait can save a lot of your precious belongings.

Health Considerations

Bulldogs have unique health needs, and Luna is no exception. Regular check-ups and a proper diet are key. Keeping Luna's weight in check was a big part of keeping her happy and healthy.

Key Areas to Bulldog-Proof in Your Home

Luna's adventures around my house led me to identify and secure key areas.

The Living Room

Remote controls, fragile decorations, and anything within tail-whacking range need to be secure. Luna's enthusiastic wagging once sent my prized trophy crashing to the floor!

Not forgetting the zoomies – the sudden bursts of energy ‘zooming’ around, jumping on and off furniture is a frequent occurrence. Make sure you have soft furnishings to compensate.

The Kitchen

Edibles must be secured. Luna's infamous rubbish bin adventure was a learning curve for me. She managed to pull down the bin and feast on last night's dinner leftovers.

Although funny, this can turn disastrous. Luna like most dogs have an affinity for bones, but believe me, you don’t want left over chicken bones getting stuck in your bulldog’s throat. Hello emergency vet bill.

Outdoor Spaces

Safe fencing and plants are vital. Luna's digging nearly turned our garden into a crater field. Seemingly harmless, but it can also be harmful to dogs, especially if they ingest the soil or their favourite berries. Expect vomit.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Laundry, especially socks, should be out of reach. Luna has a knack for finding (and chewing) socks wherever they're hidden. I now have more holes in socks than socks!

Detergents, bleaches, anything hazardous should be locked away. Luna bit into a laundry detergent once, she spent the night at the vet and had her stomach pumped with charcoal – it was a scary ordeal.

Essential Bulldog-Proofing Supplies and Tools

Bulldog-proofing takes the right tools and supplies. Luna and I have our favorites.

Chew Toys and Play Equipment

Chew toys like Luna's favourite chicken flavoured bone saved our furniture (and my sanity). Providing enough toys keeps Luna entertained and distracted from the forbidden items.

Nylabone Extreme Tough Dog Chew Toy

Bulldogs are notorious chewers, they can literally go for hours without getting bored. I opt for this chew toy rather than my socks.

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Safety Gates and Barriers

Installing baby gates was a lifesaver after Luna's explorations into places she shouldn't go. I have got two gates, one so Luna can be locked in her bedroom and the other stopping her from running out the front door.

29' High Walk-thru Steel Pet Gate

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Feeding and Watering Solutions

Special bowls designed for bulldogs can be a blessing. Luna's personalized bowl has been a mealtime revelation, helping her eat more comfortably.

Training and Behavioural Tips

Training Luna took time and patience but was worth every moment. Training not only teaches dogs the expected way of doing things, but it also develops the dog dad bond.

Basic Training Techniques

Obedience training helped Luna understand commands like "stay" and "come," essential for bulldog-proofing the home. I wrote an article about the 7 basic dog commands – it helped massively.

Bulldog Socialisation

Socialising Luna was another critical part of our journey.

Importance of Socialisation

Introducing Luna to other dogs and humans made her more comfortable in various situations.

Tips for Successful Socialisation

Taking Luna to controlled environments like dog parks and using positive reinforcement was crucial in her social development.

When to Seek Professional Help

Sometimes, you need to call in the experts.

Health Concerns

Bulldogs are prone to skin allergies, these can be triggered by elements inside and outside your home. Generally they require quick intervention from a vet. Don't hesitate to call your vet if something seems off.

The Bulldog-Proofing Climax

Bulldog-proofing your home is a journey, one filled with learning, love, and endless joy. Luna's presence in my life has been a blessing, even with the occasional mischief.

Every effort to make your home safe for your bulldog is worth it. Luna, currently curled up beside me and snoring away, is proof of that.

From chewed shoes to garden explorations, our experiences have shaped a bond that's unbreakable. Follow these guidelines, and you too can create a home where both you and your bulldog thrive. Remember, the journey with a bulldog is not just about safeguarding your possessions but embracing a loving and rewarding relationship.