How to Clean Bulldog Wrinkles

Our 3 step guide on how to clean bulldog wrinkles effectively, will keep them healthy and odour-free.

How to Clean Bulldog Wrinkles
How to clean a Bulldog's wrinkles
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Bulldog wrinkles look adorable but left unchecked they can become a serious medical issue for your dog.

Cleaning a bulldog's wrinkles has become an essential practice for any dog dad, but to keep them clean requires consistency and resilience.

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The article that follows explores why it's important to clean between folds and the three simple steps I use with my English Bulldog so you can get the job done too.

Let's get stuck in.

Cleaning a Bulldog's wrinkles is essential

Neglecting wrinkle care for your Bulldog can lead to some serious skin or health complications. Just like humans, dogs are prone to skin infections and irritations, and it just so happens for flat-faced breeds these mostly occur in their folds.

If you have a new bulldog puppy, it's less likely you'll need a wrinkle care regime, but over time as your dog ages, the skin and fur wear, meaning it's more prone to developing what's known as tear stains (the equivalent in humans is dark circles or baggy eyes – bad metaphor).

Not to fear, keeping your doggo's wrinkles in tip-top shape is really not that difficult, nor is it a chore for us as dog dad's either.

Wipe in between the folds

The first step is really simple. All you need is soft tissue or a baby wipe (make sure it's unscented to avoid causing irritation) then wipe away the gunk and dirt that collects in the folds directly below your pup's eyes.

This is the most problematic area for Luna my English Bulldog, she's a mucky pup who likes to play in the garden and run through puddles. So there are plenty of opportunities for the folds to collect and harbour grime.

You can also use basic wipes around the other wrinkles surrounding the nose, tail pocket (the bit under the tail) and between your dog's toes.

If you find the wipes are not cleaning the area as you'd hoped, try adding some of your dog's shampoo or soap before applying. Be sure that it's non-scented and gentle, you really don't want to get this stuff in your dog's eyes by accident.

You'll never be forgiven.

That's probably not true, but I'd recommend keeping a treat on hand to reward your bully for being awesome – plus if you've left the wrinkles to become sore, it's going to be an uncomfortable experience for your dog, so you've been warned.

It takes time for your dog to be okay with you wiping their wrinkles, so consistency is key. Do it daily, and reward good behaviour.

Remove excess moisture

Like you dry yourself after taking a shower, you'll need to dry your dog's wrinkles efficiently after cleaning them too. Particularly if you've added moisture by using a wet wipe or shampoo.

Moisture in the wrinkles is a huge cause of bacteria growth and nasty smells – it is not a myth sadly.

So grab a dry soft tissue after you've cleaned the area to wipe away the moisture. Take care to not leave the area too dry, because this can also cause rashes to develop and further irritation.

Cover with a Bulldog wrinkle paste

For most bulldogs, wiping and drying wrinkles on a weekly basis will be enough. But for some, you may need to increase the frequency to daily until you've found you're maintaining a healthy wrinkle.

And, if you're struggling to find the right balance or your bulldog's folds are severely irritated and constantly wet – I'd suggest adding a specialist paste designed just for bulldogs.

I use Squishface Wrinkle Paste for these same scenarios. Weirdly, I notice more moisture and irritation in Luna's folds during warmer months, I assume this is because dogs sweat as we do, and I use this wrinkle putty repeatedly during these seasons.

Squishface wrinkle paste creates a water repellent barrier, making it harder for moisture to settle in the wrinkles. It means fewer bacteria and fungus for clearer and healthier skin.

Plus this doesn't just work for Bulldogs, you can use it for most flat-faced breeds like French Bulldogs and Pugs too. Don't take my word for it though, read the reviews on Amazon!

So there you have it, how to clean bulldog wrinkles.

Squishface Wrinkle Paste for Bulldogs

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